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vendredi, 31 octobre 2014



    From the city of •••••Elephantine••••• as one goes up the river there is country which slopes steeply. Then I'm shown in over the Turkish rugs to a solid lift and shot up to the ••••umpteenth•••• floor. But then, we Americans are so hysterical and •gullible•. They will find nothing in their surroundings to act as an ••incentive•• to tempt them further; they seemed to have been derived rather from a •••••••gallimaufry••••••• of familiar models.

Rob made the ••••••cinch•••••• as tight as he could. Surely the •••lullaby••• touch in the title is a mistake?


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samedi, 25 octobre 2014

Off with the Beats !

29 septembre


    utterly deadbeat

was travelling slowly to the north and west on a zigzag course

and I am deadbeat

languidly raise first one purple leg and then the other


felt cold and deadbeat

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mardi, 10 décembre 2013

Off with the Celts !

Before I could finish my yawp, off he pelts —

All in rags and dirt and raw welts,

Carrying sheepskin cloaks and wampum belts.

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